The Deadly Disease : Tuberculosis

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Athena Rupp Rupp, 1
English 1, Period 7
13 February 2017
The Deadly Disease: Tuberculosis A nightmare of no modern medication for tuberculosis had dawned on varieties of people since the deadly disease can spread quickly around thousands of people. The deaths to this infectious bacteria have caused people to question the real known facts of tuberculosis. The bacteria called mycobacterium has scared thousands of people to the point where they can’t even think what happens to people with this disease beyond their country borders. Tuberculosis is a pervasive disease caused by just one cough or sneeze, sending you straight to the hospital and fighting for you’re life to be treated.
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Finding it early and finding it late can be a great deal when looking at the various symptoms of tuberculosis. Depending on what type of TB you are; secondary or active tuberculosis multiple symptoms can vary depending on how it spreads through your body. Typically, people with tuberculosis can’t honestly notice if they have TB which leads to major costly operations or death. If they do, it usually starts with a blood-tinged cough or pain in the chest. The blood-tinged cough can also be chronic (constant) and the pain in the chest can be felt simply through just breathing. Throughout the whole body, the most common symptoms can be, chills, fatigue, fever, sweating or sweating of muscles, loss of appetite etc. These common symptoms most likely are depicted as natural occurrences of the body, which is why it is truly not known when you have TB. Although if it occurs too often you can notice it instantly as long as you pay attention to the way your body feels. Along with the outside of the body, the inside of the body can be affected; specifically organs. The most commonly affected organs are the lymph nodes. The lymph nodes are most commonly

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