The Death Of A Black Man

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a.(A woman who loves to fly is seated on an airplane next to an elderly gentleman who is flying for the first time and is shaken by fear)

“You don’t understand my situation.”
The woman smiled kindly to the gentleman next to her.
“Oh, I’m sure I do sir. There is no reason to be afraid.”
The poor soul, the woman thought sweetly. He looks so old. Maybe it is not such a good idea for him to fly.
“No,” the man said angrily “You cannot possibly understand.”
“Than perhaps you might inform me.”
The man turned away from her. She could hear him muttering under his breath, “People. Always thinking that an old man has outlived his problems. If only I was so lucky.”
The woman did not like being spoken to in such a manor. After all, she was …show more content…

Maybe she should say something.
“Sir, you are going to be okay. I fly all the time, I love it. Nothing has ever happened to me during a flight.”
She tightened her seat belt. “In fact,” she said, smiling at him, “I have gotten into several car accidents, but I have never had any problems flying.”
The man looked straight at her. His eyes were a milky gray, and they were clear with desperation.
“Yes,” his voice trembled, “But you have never had me on board either.”
Before the lady could respond, the plane began to accelerate. Speeding down the runway the plane shuddered and then took off. The world slowly disappearing behind several puffy white clouds.
“See,” The woman said, turing to look at the man, “There is nothing to worry about.”
But the man was gone. Along with all his belongings.

b. A sensitive, awkward teenager tries to tell his father, a stern disciplinarian, that he has quit school. His dad was mowing the yard. Maybe this would be the best time to tell him, when he had been working all day.
“Hey” he called, “Dad?”
“Son. Come on over.”
His father had taken off his shirt and his farmer’s tan was on full display. His slight pot belly had become pink from the sun, while underneath had stayed white. His son walked over, kicking the balls of cut grass, staring at the ground. If I had one wish, I would turn into an ant. I wouldn’t even mind if I only lived for a day, because I am sure ants do not know they are only going to live for a little while, just

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