The Death Of Paul Monro Analysis

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A tense writer moves back to his childhood home with his wife and young son, to unravel the mysterious death of a young girl, but he soon becomes convinced that the killer is still around and is now after his family.

PAUL MONROE (35) is a stressed-out and troubled writer. He moves his wife, ANNE, and young son MIKE (10), to his childhood home in Harmony Falls. Paul is still haunted by a childhood tragedy that led to the death of a young girl, Jane. Someone has sent Paul a picture of Jane and he wants to know whom.
Being back in Harmony Falls, brings back memories. Paul also suffers from headaches and he imagines people that are not there. He believes he sees a man in a red bowler hat, but then he’s gone. Paul has a faded …show more content…

FATHER BRENNAN tries to warn him.
When Anne gets locked inside a shed and the mysterious man with the bowler hat approaches Mike, Paul is convinced that the bowler hat man, whom he blames for Jane’s death, now wants Mike.
When Mike goes missing Paul frantically searches for him. Mike is inside a cave with DENISE (16), CHAD (16) and another young girl. Denise and Chad perform a ritual and carve a zigzag pattern into his arm. Denise then leads Mike and the others to a bridge.
Paul spots them on the bridge, as the Bowler Hat Man watches. Paul yells to Mike and races to him, but Denise pushes Mike into the water. Paul dives in after Mike. He grabs him, but Mike’s face is old and creaked. He brings his lifeless body to the surface.
Denise lies to the police. She tells them that Paul made them all jump in. Paul tells the police about Jane and the Bowler Hat man. He believes the Bowler Hat Man is a demon. The police think Paul is crazy.
Billy helps Paul escape the police. Billy tells Paul that he can still save them. Paul crashes the car. A tree falls on Billy, but suddenly both Billy and his truck are gone. Paul goes to the church looking for Father Brennan, but is told there is no Father Brennan at the

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