The Death Of The Teenage Girl

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“It hurts! It hurts!” the blonde, teenage girl cried throughout the ER. Apparently, she was about to give birth and she did not even know she was pregnant. The doctor immediately got to work. She had delivered a healthy baby girl. Soon the teenager’s father rushed into the room. The father had a look of shock and anger all over his face. “Amber, how could you? What is this? Why didn’t you tell us?” the father asked the teenage girl. “Dad, I’m not pregnant. I couldn’t be,” the girl replied. The doctor was curious to why the girl did not know she was pregnant, so she talked to the boyfriend. The boyfriend was outside the room, panic was written all over him. “I couldn’t understand,” the boyfriend stated. “Well your girlfriend just delivered a baby, so she was pregnant,” the doctor replied. “But we only did it standing up you can 't get pregnant like that. Can you?” the boyfriend asked. The doctor proceeded to asked who had told him about that “fact”. The boyfriend answered that it was his older brother that told him that “If you do it standing up, then the girl is not going to get pregnant. So you can eliminate the use of a condom.” The doctor then had to give a lesson about the birds and the bees. That was an episode on the show Untold Story of the ER. Sexual education is now a phenomenon that is taking place all over the world, especially in Europe. Sexual education is providing the information about bodily development, sex, sexuality, and relationships, along with

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