The Death Of Un Armed Black Men Essay

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An Examination: Deaths of Un-Armed Black Men
Charlena J. Zell
North Carolina State University

This literature review seeks to examine the death of un-armed black men by police officers in the United States. It includes rationale that supports unconscious bias, poor police training, explicit racism, a biased judicial system, the inherent violent tendencies of black males and overall societal culture. Throughout the course of this examination a constant them emerged. Unconscious bias, a poor judicial system and insufficient police training seem to be the cause of this phenomena.

Amadou Diallo (1999), Sean Bell (2006), Manuel Loggins (2012), Ramarley Graham (2012) Jordan Davis, Jonathon Ferrell, Eric Garner, Jordan Crawford, Tamir Rice (2014), Michael Brown (2014), Walter Scott (2015), Brendon Glenn (2015) Philando Castile (2016), Keith Scott (2016), Charles Kinsey (2016)

What do the above names have in common? They are all unarmed black men that were killed or shot by police. For communities of color, this list is a constant reminder that life can be taken at any moment by those whose duty is to serve and protect. When attention was first drawn to this issue, people wondered whether it was a pattern or an isolated incident. However, judging by the long list of names and increased awareness, we can infer that it is in fact a pattern. Per 2015 US Census Data, Whites make up 62% of the population and Black Americans account
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