The Death Penalty Should Be Reintroduced Into The Australian Legal System

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Abstract (200 words)
The purpose of the investigation is to see if the death penalty should be reintroduced into the Australian legal system. The research process
We look at some of these issues from both a world and local perspective.
One of the limitations that this topic has is that most of the information gathered is from the US like cost and deterrence. Since the US has a high levels of people in prison it would be hard for estimate on if Australia would be the same since we are both different countries with different sets of laws and values. Another factor that should be in is the gun related 67% of all homicides in the U.S. were conducted using a firearm. Since Australia abolished the death penalty in 1967 there is not enough information on this topic to make an in-depth analysis on this issue and how it would affect the country.

Introduction (100-125)
Should we put capital punishment to death? Nowadays In modern and civilized societies, its supporters have decreased in number considerably. Critics view the death penalty as inhumane and barbaric. Others says that is an unrealistic and romantic view ignores the basic human nature. This report will investigate what will happen if it is reintroduce. This report will look at how effective it is in performing its purpose which is to deter others and is it really the best decision for the economy in addition to the public opinion.
This study draws upon information from numerous sources such as articles, documentaries

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