The Declaration Of The Treaty Of Versailles

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The outcome of the first World War led to nothing but bloodshed, global economic distress, and more tension between nations. Wilson 's plan seemed to offer genuine equality to all countries including, and especially Germany. His fourteen points was an excellent and well thought out plan, however many other countries like France and Russia wanted vengeance on Germany. With great objection, Germany signed the treaty. The nation was deemed responsible for the war, leaving Germany feeling oppressed by the other nations. Although Wilson 's 14 points was an excellent proposal to end the war and maintain world peace, the Treaty of Versailles prevailed resulting in hostility between nations .
Wilson 's Fourteen points had the potential to possibly prevent future wars and create some sort of world concord. His intentions with this plan included freedom of the seas and peaceful trading conditions, expanding freedom of different races and ethnic groups, and preventing future wars with world peace. Wilson wanted freedom to navigate the seas and territorial waters in peace and in war. The president also supported the dismissal of economic barriers, to allow the continuation of trade between nations.
Additionally, Wilson promoted the freedom of different races, which he proposed in specific territorial request. His goal when addressing these territorial problems was to assure different ethnic groups could rule over themselves. For instance, point eight on the plan stated that “All french…

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