The Delicate Relationship Between Artist And Artwork

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M. Sanders
10 December 2014 The delicate relationship between artist and artwork is one that seems so intensely personal that it _____. In spite of this intimacy, the positive or negative actions of an artist or the responses elicited from their works are assessed by the eyes of the public— usually in hopes of locating a correlation between the two. This begs the most direct question of whether or not it’s possible to separate art from the artist. Within this dispute, more complex and dark arguments exist. Picasso and Pulanski, two revolutionary figures in their own mediums, are not better-known for their alleged crimes. Their names carry a certain weight in their association with some questionable conduct during their own respective eras: adultery and abuse in one scenario, and pedophilia in another. Alas, it is heard to say if these factor into these artist’s profound contributions to the artworld. More difficult is understanding which audiences place the most emphasis on these crimes in regard to the works being judged, and why. If no one else, it is hoped that critics are able to make the distinction between aesthetic masterpieces and the failable human nature of their creators. Non-experts might have an understandably difficult time in breaking apart the two, plainly because they are not normally asked to. Without justifying the any unfavorable action of any artist, a concession can made that great artists of whatever variety seem to be wired…
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