Nursing Leadership

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Nursing Leadership Introduction Organizational structures play a vital role in the creation of the favorable environment for client centered care. It determines how information systems adopted are used. The organizational structure highlights the nature of communication within a company's decision-making techniques and habits of the health agency. Functional and service line structures are extremely prominent in health settings as they determine how activities are run within this industry. In functional organizational structure, employees of the health agency operate on defined roles and obligations towards the realization of the set goals, vision, and mission of the hospital. Specialization characterizes the organizational structure, as employees perform roles in which they are specialized. This leads to the enhanced level of services delivered to clients by the hospital as the volume of production is increased. In health agency, high degree of specialization is significant, as patients require standardized products and ways of operation. Functional structure ensures that interests of the clients are met with the necessary quality (Daft 2010). Decision-making, within functional organizational structure, is centralized at the peak of the leadership of the health agency. Decisions are made after critical evaluation of the performance at different departments within the agency. Within each department, the formal leadership is tasked with the role of making necessary
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