The Deutsch And Krauss Interpersonal Bargaining Experiment

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The Deutsch and Krauss Interpersonal Bargaining experiment was performed by Morton Deutsch and Robert Krauss in 1960 and 1962 to study the theory of communication and cooperation and also trust and suspicion. Deutsch and Krauss were both professors in the psychology department of Columbia University. The experimenters came up with a hypothesis, designed their experiment to study the subject, and generated results. Deutsch and Krauss came up with two hypothesis. In their research paper they list them as follows: “1. Bargainers are more likely to reach an agreement, the stronger are their cooperative interests in comparison with their competitive interests. 2. Bargainers are more likely to reach an agreement, the more resources they …show more content…

At the beginning of the trial, the subjects were told to only worry about their own gain. When the subjects ran into each other, a variety of different choices could be made from that point which is what Deutsch and Krauss were studying. Each pair of subjects were put into three different conditions that contained twenty trials. There was a no threat condition, a one way threat conditions, and a two way threat condition. In the end, Deutsch and Krauss concluded that in the no threat condition, subjects found it fairly easy to compromise, In the one way threat condition, the subjects found it difficult to come to a decision, and in the two way threat condition, it was extremely difficult for the subjects to come to an agreement. With this information, you can realize that if there is a big difference in what and the other person are trying to accommodate for, it will take longer for you and this person to come to an agreement. Agreements are much easier to reach in conditions where nobody is threatening each other, more difficult to reach when one person is using threats, and extremely difficult to arrive at when both people are using threats to achieve their goals. If you ever arrive at a moment where you want something and somebody else wants something, but you have to get through each other to reach it, the use of threats within your disagreement is very unlikely to help the situation in any way and usually makes it more difficult

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