The Development Of Decision Making

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The Development of Decision-Making in Nursing Nursing is a profession that has traditionally attracted individuals who have a desire to help others and have an interest in the health sciences (Ruesink, 2012). In the complex world of health care, good intentions only go so far in terms of client safety, quality of care, and achieving the best possible outcomes, and that is why critical thinking, decision making, and evidence based practice are crucial to the nursing profession when acting on the behalf of our clients (Fero, Witsberger, Wesmiller, Zullo, & Hoffman, 2009; Ruesink, 2012; Thompson, Aitken, Doran, & Dowding, 2013). In this paper I will discuss and explore three decision-making models that support nursing decision-making, how…show more content…
The College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia (CRNBC), defines Clinical decision-making as: A complex and dynamic process, occurring within a larger context and drawing from various dimensions of knowledge, in which nurses collect and organize information in order to form conclusions and choose actions, with the intent of creating the best outcomes for clients (2014, slide 19). The nursing profession demands a high standard of quality and safety, compelling nurses to act professionally, be accountable for their own actions, and embrace their Professional Standards (CRNBC, 2013). The CRNBC Professional Standards requires nurses to know where to access information to support their knowledge to deliver evidence-based, competent nursing care, as well as use decision-making tools to guide their assessments, diagnoses, and treatments (2013). For nurses to make clinical decisions that enhance a client’s health, promote realistic solutions, and reduce potential risks, decision making and critical thinking must happen in sync (Fero et al., 2009; Standing, 2005). To support critical thinking in nursing practice, and help novice nurses compensate for the lack of clinical experience, decision-making models have been constructed to help navigate the multi-dimensional complexities of the
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