The Development Of New Hybrids For The Wine Industry

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The Development of New Hybrids for the Wine Industry, ... Why Bother?, or The Answer to Our Problems?


For certain Wine viticulturists the harsh winters have always been a problem . Its difficult to grow most grape varieties in these brutal winter conditions .
I have chosen an article that was published in the vueweekly (which is an independent publication owned by Postvue Publication Inc, an Alberta corporation).
The article is subjected as “ The hype about Hybrids “ and written by Mel Priestly in 2014 . She is a dish editor,a critic cum editor for vueweekly as well as a certified sommelier which definitely makes this article a very credible source for review purposes .
This article talks about the impression people generally have on hybrid wines and looks at it both in a positive and negative way and leaves it up to each individual to form their own opinion on whether the pros outweigh the cons or reverse. I have included some perspective from different other credible articles as support sources .

Hybrids have a bad name , in winemaking as much as anything else that has newly come into existence . The vast majority of the wines sold in the market is produced from a single species of grapes: Vitis vinifera. Merlot, Gewurztramminer, sauvignon blanc —all of which is purely vinifera. It is probably due to the fact that they taste quite different from the usual wines they are accustomed to . These hybrid varieties have a very high acidity level…

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