The Development Of The Energy Sector

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Much like other sectors, the energy sector is constantly faced with challenges. Companies and governments are constantly looking to sources to provide secure access to guarantee that demand is met. The World population is hovering around the 7 billion mark making the demand for secure access a critical challenge. This requires a long-term balancing solution while satisfying short-term needs. Researchers and other specialists monitor trends in the industry, as well as, rules and regulations set by the governments, partners, and organizations in the focus region in focus so they can be prepared to formulate investment strategies enabling them to capitalize and prosper. The areas of high importance are Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin…show more content…
Emerging economies tend to import more energy due to lack of infrastructure to meet demands. The more common method of generating electricity is through the consumption of coal and nuclear. Japan in recent years as saw an increase of 72 percent decrease in the amount of nuclear energy due to 2011 nuclear disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant. This vacuum has been filled with the importation of liquefied natural gas or LNG. The disaster highlights the need for secure supplies for the continent. The thirst for secure supplies in Asia is reshaping the energy landscape. The region currently imports 15 percent of the demand and is expected to increase to 30 percent in the coming decades. China and India are the most population countries in the world with each making gains in standards of living resulting in urbanization. China is quickly becoming the world’s number-one consumer and nations together will account for half of the projected growth demand. Europe is one of the most prosperous areas on the globe, but it is also one of the most isolated due to its climate framework. The continent is finding it difficult to launch new additions to the electrical grid due to the regulatory requirements. The energy infrastructure is set in such that the continent wants to cut carbon emissions in effort to stay on the path of greener energy. A green energy infrastructure must

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