The Development Of The Middle Phase Of Group Work

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There are many tasks, skills, and actions involved in the middle phase of group work. The leader must assist the group in making progress on individual and group goals, attend to group dynamics, assist members with connecting with resources, use the best practical techniques, implement the appropriate group approaches, complete record-keeping, and access and use supervision. The leader will assist the members in making progress by reinforcing connections, offering problematic ideas and activities, assess progress, identifying difficulties and obstacles, attending to special needs of an individual, engaging members in problem solving, summarizing group sessions, planning for the next steps, and re-contracting with members as needed. The…show more content…
Often the parents have to be encouraged to take the role of the parent and guided to interact and respond to their children appropriately. I model this behavior throughout each visitation while decreasing the amount of modeling I do as the parents start to implement the modeled behavior. I complete record keeping during and after each visitation to provide the family case manager a detailed report of attendance, arrival and departure times, a narrative of interactions, strengths, issues, then provide a recommendation of services to assist the family in meeting all the needs of the family. The desired outcome is to increase parent involvement with the children, establish limits and routine within the family, and provide the family with guidance to increase communication. The reports that I complete allow the family case manager and the courts to see the progress or lack of progress the family accomplishes during each visit. The Father’s Engagement Group is an educational group that is intended to assist fathers in becoming more involved in the lives of their children, increasing parenting skills, and becoming a positive role model in the lives of their children. One of the first skills that are used is attending to any special needs that the members have. This is accomplished by the leader completing individual intakes and making observations during the group session. One special need that I was able to attend to with one particular parent
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