The Difference Between College, School Writing And High School Level Writing

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You may ask yourself “What is the difference between college level writing and high school level writing?”. In this next couple of paragraphs, I will explain the difference between college level writing and high school level writing. To being with, college level writing is more precise to the point type of writing. College level writing talks about the broader context while continuing to be precise for instance it can ask about a society feeling towards the American government, while the book is about World War I. College level writing does not have to be constrained to five paragraph layouts, it can just flow start on one path and lead to unexpected findings such as if you are writing about what types of food the indigenous people in South America eat and finding out that the way the cook one of the food poison them and that is why they have a high mortality rate. College level writing you have more time to plan your essay how you want that give you time to create a brain storm, an outline, a rough draft, and then a final draft you may have a week or even two weeks to complete this process to really go over your essay and a look over it to make sure its flows and make final revisions compared to one class period in high school which lasts roughly forte five minutes. In college, you’re able to have as short and as long paragraph you want, there is no page restrictions and you’re not constrained to a word count. While in college you have a plethora of resources at

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