The Difference Between Leadership and Management

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 The difference between leadership and management

Before taping into leadership directly understanding the difference about and management is needed.
For example, Management focuses on:

1. planning and budgeting : design deep steps and schedule to achieve the targeted result then allocating the required resources.
2. Organizing and staffing: this include facilitating out the requirement of the plan by drawing out a structure.staffing the structure with individual commanding the response and the authority to them.puting policy and procedources to control people and meniotor the implementation.
3. Controlling:

But leadership points at:
1. Establishing direction : by developing a vision for future the strategy will follow up showing the needed change must taken to accomplish the vision.
2. Aligning people: communicating the vision to involved in the corporation by words and deeds.
3. Motivating and inspiring: pushing people forward and giving them courage to face major barriers like political , burecuratiq and overcome them.
(leading change chapter 2 page 29)

Leadership skill:

 Creditiabilty: affect people engagement.

 Communicate to value: determine set of value give the leader the confidance to choose the right and make tough descsion while been accountable.

 Focus on future: managers in high postions like ceo must have the ability to make future plan , focus on daily detail that contribute and effect.

 Leaders don’t work alone: leaders listen to their

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