The Differences Between The And The British Welfare State

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Welfare state in a country is essential for the economic and social well-being of their citizen, this is also historically a very important achievement for the inhabitant who are supported in case of need. Welfare state is different in every nation and there are four models in Europe: the Nordic model, the Continental model, the Anglo-Saxon model and the Mediterranean model. Because of these differences it would be interesting to make a contrast between two of them, as among the Italian Welfare state and the British welfare state, in order to understand the weaknesses and strengths of both the systems. The Mediterranean model includes the Italian welfare state, in which the ideal of family has a central role, in facts it is the main resort of this system. Family has the responsibility of children and elderly people and the state has only a marginal function, which is assist them in doing this task. The six main pillars of this system are the health care, the social security, the education, the housing, the unemployment and the pension. On the other hand, there is the Anglo Saxon Model, which main purpose is the prevention of poverty and social exclusion. This model was built upon the proposal of Lord Beveridge, who in 1942 declared that there were “five giants on the road to reconstruction”, those were poverty, disease, ignorance, squalor and idleness. After World War II Beveridge proposed an idea of welfare state, which was based on social security, National Health
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