The Differences Of Christianity In The Bible And The Bible

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The Bible has been interpreted differently throughout different parts of the world and throughout distinctive time periods. It was seen and used as moral guidelines for Christians and some of its ideas made its way into laws, making it a useful and powerful tool in America. However, in America, Christianity was used as justification for the enslavement of other groups like the Africans who were brought to America against their will. As the African slaves became more familiar with the Bible, they connected with parts of it because their slave experience was like the experience of the Hebrew slaves in Egypt.1 Rather than viewing Christianity as oppressive like their master, the slaves viewed it as a religion of freedom and hope and crafted a religion that spoke to the needs of blacks. While there are some similarities between the two groups, there are also differences between them such as the lack of miracles as Africans wished for freedom and the role that 20th century Moses Martin Luther King Jr. would perform for his people. Although Christianity was used as a means for suppressing and enslaving African people by their masters, the religion was used by Africans as a symbol of freedom, rather than oppression. Like the Hebrew slaves, the slaves in America experienced the same kind of oppression and because of the similarities that was associated with their struggles, black slaves believed that they would one day be saved by God and thus Christianity became a beacon of light

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