The Digital Modes Of Advertising Essay

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1. Introduction Internet interconnected businesses have enormously grown owing to its flexible nature and the numerous ways in which the internet can be personalized. Due to these unique characteristics, the internet is continuously used by organizations and individuals for communication, leisure related activities and digital trading (Korgaonkar and Wolin, 2002). The revolution and the continuous innovation and renovation emerging has made the internet an integral part of the day to day running of the organizations. These have enabled businesses to offer a broad range of products and services to their clients globally. Thus many companies have resolved to have the internet as their primary marketing tool. What is more, the digital modes of advertising and selling give consumers an opportunity to access all the information they require with regards to an individual product and provide instant feedback to the sellers. Such information may include price comparison, checking product reviews by other consumers globally. What is more, the internet has reduced the cost and time of doing business globally. More fascinating is the ease with which people have quickly have migrated to the conventional ways of advertising and adapted to the new methods of doing business (Korgaonkar and Wolin, 2002). Since consumers determine directly what they want to view on the internet, a majority of companies today have adopted digital marketing as an integral part of their

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