The Disadvantages of Technology

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Many companies wants us to believe that the newest technology gadgets and gizmos will make us happier, but will they? With the advent of modern technology the world is provided with conveniences intended to make life easier. However, with careful scrutiny one can assess that these expedient products and services actually pose new problems. This insight makes clear that conveniences aren’t so beneficial after all. We can note this elucidation in examining the disadvantages of fast-food, automatic teller machines (ATM), and dishwashers. The convenience of fast-food comes along with many drawbacks in its wake. Firstly, fast-food has a detrimental effect on health. Being high in salt, fat, and calories, makes fast-food one of the greatest…show more content…
The absence of valuable family quality time directly results in weak or even dysfunctional family relationships. Clearly, fast-food is truly a negative aspect of the conveniences of the current lifestyle. Another convenience of today that is laden with many disadvantages is the ATM machine. There is a greater potential for fraud when using the ATM, as opposed to speaking to a human bank teller. Criminals devise “card skimmers”, which read card numbers in the machine and use the confidential information for theft. Crooks often set up hidden spy cameras with which to steal access codes of unsuspecting customers as well. Even if one merely loses his card, someone can find it and use it unauthorized, and losses aren’t always compensated to the owner. In addition to the serious risk of identity theft, ATMs also cost more than carrying out transactions through a bank teller. There are two fees a consumer is obligated to pay when making a withdrawal. One charge is from the ATM owner for utilizing the bank’s machine, and the other is demanded by the card issuer for using an ATM of a foreign bank. These payments cost from two to five dollars, yet quickly accumulate to a large sum. Besides for monetary loss, even minor nuisances occur regularly when operating an ATM machine. It is not uncommon that the ATM swallows customers’ cards, and must be

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