The Discovery Of Saudi Arabia

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I asked a friend of mine to come with me to visit the Asian Art Museum. I told him that the Museum is exhibiting pieces of recent archeological discoveries of Saudi Arabia. Since we were both Saudis, we felt curious to explore the museum for the first time. When we arrived to the museum, we paid 15 dollars each because we were adults. It was not until we finished our visit that we realized that we could have used our student identification cards to pay only 10 dollars each. However, we did not feel bad about it because we agreed that our visit was totally worth the price; if not, what we paid for the entrance was very little.

Brief exploration of the Museum’s galleries:
I was taking notes about my visit while exploring the content of the museum. The Asian Art Museum is exclusively exhibiting recent discoveries of Saudi Arabia, under the title of “Roads of Arabia.” The “Roads of Arabia” section is divided into four galleries. Each gallery contains objects that present a theme. For example, the first gallery, which takes place in the Ocher gallery, has the theme of “Prehistoric Arabia.” The gallery contains archeological objects and tools that date back to a million years ago. Some archeological discoveries such as tools and stones show the presence of prehistoric human settlements in today’s Saudi Arabia. The theme of the second gallery is “ Incense Roads,” as it is held in the Hambrecht gallery. This gallery contains ancient objects that are associated with the incense…

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