Space Exploration Research Paper

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In the year 1609 Italian scientist Galileo Galilei invented the first telescope. With it he gained the ability to spot out distinct thing such as the rings of Saturn and the moons of Jupiter ( Editors). He had created a gateway to discovery that took the night sky from being a black shade glowing with sparks to discernible objects with distinct characteristics. In essence, it gave the sky new meaning and dimension. From observing space, scientists were able to gain a better understanding of the universe and subsequently the world. Than in 1957 the Russians launched Sputnik, a satellite the size of a beach ball, which broke Earth’s atmosphere for the first time (Steve Garber). Now it was possible to venture into space, rather than just observe it. Again, this added a new dimension to the universe. Now instead of simply learning from those things outside of earth, people could take part in it. From this invitation to participation, huge institutions arose. Governments dedicated and continue to dedicate billions of dollars a year to furtherment of space exploration. (Fiscal Year 2015 Budget) With such huge amounts of resources being siphoned off to this purpose, there must be underlying reasons why space ventures are continually backed. If not the resources would be more lucratively used elsewhere. Humans choose to venture beyond Earth though, because it expands and creates industries, sparkes nationalistic pride and quenches man’s thirst to find out what he does

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