The Disney Princess Effect Essay

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The Disney princesses are a common sight in any household with girls under the age of 8. However, these seemingly harmless women contribute to a darker theme in media. In her essay, “Little Girls or Little Women? The Disney Princess Effect”, Stephanie Hanes uses storytelling, strong facts, and helpful alternatives to effectively persuade parents that the media is targeting young girls with sexualized content, argues that this content is harmful to them in a number of ways, and inspires parents to take action. Stephanie Hanes utilizes emotive storytelling to connect with her readers and to show them specific examples of how sexualized media can impact young girls. One story that Hanes uses is that of Mary Finucane and her daughter Caoimhe. When her daughter was around three years old, Finucane began to see a change in how Caoimhe acted. She would no longer run around like one would expect of a carefree toddler, instead she would sit around and wait “for her prince” (Hanes 509). This change in behavior alarmed Mary Finucane, and she began to suspect that the Disney princesses were to blame. After further research, Finucane came to realize that these princesses led to problems “from self-objectification to cyberbullying to unhealthy body images.” (Hanes 510). Prompted by her experience, Finucane decided to start a blog dedicated to her attempt to “break the grip” that Disney had on her daughter (Hanes 510). Finucane’s blog gained popularity, as many other parents were having

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