The Diversity Of Adirondack Medical Center ( Amc )

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This organizational assessment is focused on the governance, mission, relevance, and structural culture of Adirondack Medical Center (AMC). AMC is located in the heart of the Adirondacks with an initiative to lead care in the area in order to create a healthier community. AMC is dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of their patients, residents and visitors they serve. AMC is a 97-bed hospital with an experienced Medical Staff of 60 physicians, board certified in 25 specialties, which are able to provide an interdisciplinary approach that serves patients where they need them, when they need them. (About Adirondack Health, 2014).
Shared governance is a system of management and leadership that empowers all
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Equity maintains a focus on services, patients, and staff and says that no one role is more important than any other. Accountability is a willingness to invest in decision-making and express ownership in those decisions. According to Swihart (2006), "Accountability is the core of shared governance" (p. 3). Ownership is recognition and acceptance of the importance of everyone’s work and of the fact that an organization’s success is bound to how well individual staff members perform their jobs.
The board of trustees at AMC consists of community volunteers who are directly responsible for the ongoing operations of Adirondack Health. The board of trustees includes a chair representative, vice chair, a secretary, a treasurer, and 16 board members. The foundation’s organizational mission is to ensure quality healthcare for the heart of the Adirondacks by raising, investing and distributing funds in support of the Adirondack Health mission: Excellent Healthcare…Close to Home (Adirondack Health Foundation, 2014). The organization has proposed the shared governance model, which was published over the summer. The main governing council is centered on accountability, compassion, exceptionality, service, and respectfulness. The umbrella encompassing these values consists of five different councils that are then put together to achieve this shared governance model. The councils involved in the model are nurse practice, quality assurance, education,
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