The Dog Days Of The World State

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The Dog Days of the World State Although the technology required to modify humans to such an extent that it becomes a problem is still a few years away, writers have spent decades exploring the possible impacts of eugenics and human modification. Brave New World, a novel written by Aldous Huxley in 1932 during the first wave of support for eugenics, is a classic example of such an exploration, focusing on a futuristic society made up almost entirely of genetically engineered “test tube” babies. Todd J. Schmid of DePauw University states that the novel deals with the question of what humanity is defined as and how genetic engineering can impact human nature, making the claim that “while genetics can alter the physical and even mental …show more content…

Instead of understanding what John is doing as he throws their soma out the window and explains that they are now free, the Deltas panic over the loss of soma more than over their apparent imprisonment within their society. More surprising is Bernard Marx’s reaction to the chaos (Huxley 143-146). While it is understandable that the Deltas, who are low on the social ladder within the World State and are therefore accustomed to submitting to others, do not grasp the concept of rebellion, Marx, an intelligent Alpha who does not agree with every World State teaching, reluctantly involves himself in the chaos that follows; even so, he only tries to get help, not wanting to cause any problems that would get him into trouble (Huxley 147). Despite the fact that Marx has been unhappy within the World State for the entire novel, the Alpha is still unable to revolt, afraid that the consequences would be intolerable. After the attempted insurrection, once Marx realizes that he will be punished for involving himself, the Alpha immediately tries to take back and explain his actions (Huxley 155-156). Instead of standing up for his belief in the corruption of the World State, he cracks under the pressure and jumps to apologizing and begging for forgiveness, proving that he is unable to rebel. Even the way in which the police placate the situation is a testament to how unable to revolt the World

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