The Domain Of Modeled Software Development And Engineering

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This thesis is written within the domain of modeled software development and engineering . Through the use of Modeling Language when developing modern computer systems gives the developers the feasibility of applying formal patterns and symbols in an object oriented analysis and design (OOA/D) environment. Model Driven Development (MDD) has, throughout the last years ago of tool and technology development, developed into a solution for developers giving them the ability to define a solution while creating artifacts that becomes part of the overall solution.
The models created when designing a system can be used for diagram creation to, e.g., communicate with different stakeholders and code generation while keeping the history of the …show more content…

I will use the general purpose modelling language Unified Modeling Language (UML) [41] in our work which is a part of the OMG Model Driven Architecture (MDA) [44]. UML is widely used by the industry and is regarded as a de facto industry standard. UML is an available technology from the Object Management Group (OMG). UML is currently in version 2.1.x which is the version that will be used throughout this master thesis. Within the domain of model driven development there are several interesting aspects to which we could have devoted this master thesis. The one area of concern that is the subject of this thesis is consistency checking of specifications with some sort of analysis and handling of the inconsistencies found together with the development of a tool that realizes this method. This is the subject of this thesis and will be discussed in-depth together with the presentation of the results from an experiment that was made using the implemented tool.

2.1 Systems, models and diagrams
The terms system, metamodel, model and diagram commonly used within the modelling domain. They are also used throughout this article and their use is defined here. I will use the terms as they are used by OMG in the UML specification.

2.1.1 System
System is a set elements interacting with each other ,for a common purpose. The system can also be defined as a set of Sub Systems associated with the environment

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