The Dominant Culture And Subordinate Culture Essay

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Culture and Privilege
I am going to be writing about how privileges from the dominant culture and subordinate culture is shown throughout Gather at the Table. Privilege by definition is a special right, advantage, or immunity only give to a particular person or group of people. In general people are born with privileges ascribed to them through their family wealth or even the color of their skin. In this paper, I will be expanding upon the differences of the dominant culture from the subordinate culture.
In the beginning of Gather at the Table before we even get into the book Tom is reflecting on an anti-racism meeting that he attended one of Tom’s closest friends spoke about how even in the meeting the white people were isolating him and other people of color in the room. When Tom analyzed what his friend said, top responded with a moving quote “The privilege I possess as a white man makes it easy to remain blissfully unaware on the negative impact I might have on others” (p. xvii). This realization is one of the key steps to conflict resolution in the Intercultural Competency textbook “Effective conflict management requires awareness of the importance of both goal-oriented and process-oriented conflict negotiation pathways” (p. 152). I feel that in the story Tom does an amazing job at putting himself in other people’s shoes, he really tries to feel the issues or pains of other people from their perspectives.
An example of how different the privileges were from

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