The Downfalls of Social Media for Our Youth

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In todays day and age technology and social media has made it easier for us to communicate with family and friends. However there is the select few who have used it as a domain to express their negative views towards one another. Which over time can make the victim feel vulnerable, exposed, powerless and dissatisfied with who they are . When all of these elements combine this can lead to teen suicide, assault or even worse, murder. Which can seriously impact a community and the Queensland Police Force. It is believed that children on the internet have a sense of anonymity, which makes them feel that they can get away with saying anything, because they are not communicating face to face. However when face to face communication is established, it is common for an argument to start which in turn becomes heated, and has the possibility to lead into a fight within the school yard. Gradually over the years since the introduction to social media, school yard fights have become more and more common. As social media has made it easier to share videos of fights more people are are becoming aware of what happens within the school yard. The most recent example of this is the story about Casey (Link 1). After a video went viral of him standing up for himself by using a wrestling move to pick up and drop the bully. However using violence shouldn’t be the answer, as the risk of serious injury was high, although the way that this conflict was resolved wasn’t right, it still led bully
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