The Dragon Class : Child Development Center

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My practicum started in the Dragon Class_Child Development Center in Glendale Community College. The class consists of twelve children, twelve teachers and one assistant. My assigned practicum hours were from 3:00-6:00PM. From 2:30-3:30PM is the children’s bathroom and activities time. By the time I entered the classroom, some of kids have been to the bathroom already after naptime, which other may still be asleep. In the meantime, two children are drawing and coloring. It takes more than fifteen minutes to finish their work. Once the teacher said to one of them, “Thank you for writing you name on the paper”. Although other children were doing different class activities, it caught my attention that those two children were supper …show more content…

He was wearing a soccer sportswear. Then the third child said, “Haig, I am going to be on your team”. Haig responded, “I am going to be on mine team, you are going to be on Haig team, you are going to be on my team”. The fourth child said, “I am going to hot chance to win”. After a while the teacher started to sing songs like “ABCD” or “Mary Had a little Lamb”. All of the children were participating and singing with the teacher. Then the teacher asked, “What was I doing with my fingers?” One of the children replied, “Sign Language”. The teacher announced,” Do you want to do it”. The children proclaimed, “Yea”. Then the teacher started to model her finger, saying and pronouncing the letters. She went over all of the alphabetic letters. The children were repeating the letters and modeling their fingers respectively. One of the children said, “Look teacher I can N and O”. A couple of minutes later the teacher said, “I think we are ready for mystery box. It is in alphabetic order. I will mic it up”. The children took turns to guess the mystery box contents by inserting their hands into the box and feeling the objects and then choosing what they thought was in the box. The contents in the box were toy animals, a doll, an eraser, a marker, a triangle magnifying glass, a magnet and socks. Some of them guessed quickly while the others took more time to feel the shape and guess. After the finished the indoor activities, they went to

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