The Dramatic Significance of Act four Scene One of William Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing

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The Dramatic Significance of Act four Scene One of William Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing

Act 4 in the romantic comedy 'Much ado about nothing' is of great
dramatic significance to the whole play, as it is in Scene 1 where
Shakespeare brings out the different sides of the characters to
illustrate the complexities of love and relationships. Act 4 Scene 1
is clustered with different incidents and in this essay, I will go
through each event and describe its importance to the play as a whole.
I will do this by showing how (with the use of language) Shakespeare
expresses the feelings of his characters and uses theatrical stage
actions to emphasize their emotions.

The Scene begins with Claudio's
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His feeble and weak character is shown even more in this
scene because as soon as Don John tells him that Hero has betrayed
him, he again does not think. He should have thought and he remembered
that Don John had deceived him before about Don Pedro wooing for Hero.

Claudio's character changes from confessing love to Hero, "...Lady, as
you are mine, I am yours. I give myself for you…" to making violent
allegations at her and refusing to marry her in public. In Claudio's
speech, Shakespeare uses an oxymoron, "…But fair thee well, most foul,
most fair…" and this shows the two excessive attitudes that Claudio
has of Hero. In addition Shakespeare uses many similes and metaphor in
this scene, "You seem to me as Dian in her orb…" This illustrates that
he used to believe and look at her as she was chaste goddess meaning
that he never had the thought of Hero to delude him.

Modern days, people's over reactions are mostly based on keen emotions
that they sometimes can't control. In this play the character of
Claudio reacts excessively and this is with the sole purpose of
Claudio and his outburst of rage. Furthermore, it shows that Claudio
can't really control him emotion and this is associates to modern

Additionally the ferocious way in which both Claudio and Leonato
reacted towards Hero would not be very shocking to…