The E Commerce Business Model

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Introduction In today’s world the technology plays a vital role. All the businesses use technology in one or other way to support them. The e-commerce business model is one such technology available in the market for the companies to do their business online. The online business helps the company to achieve more profit and stand apart from the other competitors. The company uses the internet as the medium to promote their business and do the online business. In the present scenario most of the people uses internet as a tool to attain their needs. This report will discuss about the technology and business perspective to be adopted by an organization to sell fashion clothes to the end customers directly through online. The company’s name is Netfashion. Netfashion is a local fashion clothing company who sell the clothes in the local market by traditional way. They have decided to adopt the online e-commerce model to expand their business. Let us discuss about the plan proposed to Netfashion to start the e-commerce business. This e-commerce method will help the company to expand beyond the geographical boundaries and obtain the stable revenue on the business. This will analyze the objectives and goals to achieve the growth. This report is developed based on Porter’s competitive force model. The web portal which is designed for Netfashion is accessible through this link: Netfashion e-commerce model environmental analysis Netfashion decide

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