E-Commerce Models And Strategies

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Report On E-Business & E-Commerce Models and Strategies. Introduction:- E-business is the outcomes of IT Company in order to bring the business activities a simple and easy process. There are various types of e-business, and that has importance based on the field they are established. In short e-business is the business which can be done online, with multiple choices in buying or selling any products. E-commerce is fully dependent on internet for its turnover and which comprises of lots of strategies. Description:- Types of e-business infrastructure technologies The main types of e-business models are, 1) On-premise e-commerce On-premise e-commerce software usually requires initial one time purchase…show more content…
It has earned a huge profit whichever organization has implemented in correct way. Based on its popularity it has divided in various business models, and each has their own protocols of business. E-business has adopted various technologies of business; so that investor can earn good profit and customer can be satisfy from the service. There are seven success factors of a social business strategy. There are various types of business models used in e-business, that are, B2C (Business to consumer), B2B (Business to business), C2B (Consumer to business), C2C (Consumer to consumer). Any business can be awarded as e-business when for buying and selling products; it takes help of website and internet. The e-business can be declared successful if it has helped in reducing cost of sales, operating costs, improving cycle time for the existing businesses. The factors that can make an e-business successful are brands, lots of choice of products, customer’s satisfaction, and security gateway for payment, advertising, maintaining website regularly and making it attractive. E-business and competitive advantage for any
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