Ecom 320 - Assign 1

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Assignment 1 Ecommerce 320 May 4, 2012 Part A: Short-Answer Questions (30 marks total) Answer each question in one to two paragraphs. 1. What are the major differences between pure play e-commerce and bricks-and-clicks operations? What are the benefits and limitations of each? (5 marks) Pure play e-commerce are virtual retailers that sell directly to consumers over the Internet without maintain a physical sales channel. Virtual e-tailers have the advantage of low overhead costs and streamlined processes. Click and mortar retailers are a combination of both brick-and-mortar retailer and an online transaction web site. Many click-and-mortar retailers started life as a traditional storefront with a physical retail…show more content…
This data can then be used to complete business analysis and decision support activities. They are an important benefit to e-commerce because they can be used to produce reports and also risk analysis. These portals can be used to information on all the business levels and functions. The information can be accessible at any time, which can save money and time for the company. The collaboration, knowledge management, and e-commerce are all vital ingredients in improve the performance of supply chains and organization. 6. Explain why it is difficult to categorize e-commerce business models. (5 marks) It is difficult to categorize e-commerce business models because there are so many different e-commerce business models and every model has its own method. B2B is one of the major forms of e-commerce. Here the seller and the buyer participate as the business entities. B2C takes place between the consumers and the business. C2C this is carried out between two individuals. This type of e-commerce requires a platform or an intermediary for business transactions. P2P during this type of transaction, people can share computer resources. In this case it is not required to use a common server, instead a common platform can be used for these transactions. Part B: Case Analyses (70 marks total) Your analysis should be from two to three paragraphs in length and
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