The Economic, Economic And Economic Value Of Biodiversity

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According to the National Geographic, a recent scientific study predicts that our planet is home to 8.7 million species; however, only about 1.2 million species are known (86 Percent of Earth’s Species Still Unknown?). The National Wildlife Federation defines biodiversity as, “the variety of life” (What is Biodiversity?). It can be studied on a small scale, for example, species, or a larger scale such as genetics and ecology. In order to fully understand the biodiversity of a certain species, it’s imperative to understand both their genes and environment, as well. Although many people do not recognize the various species within our ecosystem as important, they are the main reason life is sustainable. Biodiversity has extreme fundamental value to a healthy life and ecosystem. It is the framework upon which we rely for our needs and well-being. It provides us with food resources, such as fruits and grains, as well as meat, fish, and milk products. Humans are dependent on biodiversity for cultural, economic and environmental stability. For example, farmers rely on bees to pollinate their crops, which allows for a greater supply of food and work. The economic value of biodiversity stems from its production of many everyday essentials such as food supplies, medicine, and raw materials. A healthy ecosystem can provide us with a source of clean water, fresh food, and clean air (Value of Biodiversity). A healthy ecosystem can also withstand disasters and recover sooner. These are
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