The Education Commission (1964-66), While Lamenting On

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The Education Commission (1964-66), while lamenting on the inadequacy of provision for student welfare in the institutions of higher learning, recommended the inclusion of guidance and counseling including vocational placement, among student services. It stressed ‘guidance and counseling programme which would assist the students in the choice of courses, indicate the links of remedial action and help in dealing with emotional and psychological problems, should be an integral part of the educational facilities provided in institutions of higher education’. Guidance and counseling have three-fold functions: adjustment, orientation and development.
Guidance and counseling are adjustmental in the sense that they help the student in making …show more content…

Absence of these competencies makes students to underachieve academically. Academic competencies assist a student to relate present subjects to future academic choices, relate academic performance in school with courses to study after school and prepare a student to choose from a wide variety of substantial post-secondary education options as well as link current school subjects to life in society later after school. Kimathi (2002) conducted a study on perception of teacher counselor role in the implementation of secondary school curriculum in Kenya established that school guidance and counseling programme has contributed to the effective student learning and high academic performance but there was no mention on contributions to academic and personal competencies. Killeen and White (2004) concluded that 67% of the respondents reported having information about suitable education and training opportunities. Another 66% of the participants indicated that they became more interested in getting more education and training as a result of participating in careers guidance.
3.0 Statement of the Problem
‘Guidance and Counseling Programmes for Enhancing the Competencies among Graduate Students’.
4.0 Objective of the Study
The objective of the study was the attainable goal for the attainment of the research work towards which it is directed.
• To study the degree college principals and students perception on the effectiveness of guidance and

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