The Effect Of A Fertilizer On The Growth Of Plants

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Scientists tested the effect of a fertilizer on the growth of plants. They had 2 sets of plants, Group A which gets fertilizer, water and sun and Group B which gets only water and sun (but in equal amounts to Group A). 1. Explain how this scenario is a controlled experiment and identify the manipulated variable. The manipulated variable is the fertilizer since the other factors (water and sunlight) are given in equal amounts. It is a controlled experiment because one group receives fertilizer while the other does not. Any differences in growth should be due to either having fertilizer or not. 2. If the scientists only performed 1 experiment but it supported their hypothesis, why can it not be considered a theory? 1. Controlled because they test the effect of fertilizer, water and sunlight. Water and sunlight. 2. It is proved since the hypothesis is supported 3. Shows growing up 3. The graph below was created showing the growth of the plant. How would you know that the y-axis is measuring the growth of the plant? 4. You make the following measurements of an object – 22 kg and 42 m3. What would the object’s density be? Show your work for credit and include final units. I believe I need to divide the object mass by its volume. This value is the object 's density and expresses it in units of mass per unit of volume for 22kg mass that takes up a volume of 42 cubic meters. The density is 0.52 kilogram per cubic meter 5. Explain why a chlorinated swimming pool

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