The Effect Of Exercise On The Body

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Introduction For centuries exercise has been a part of the lives of men. Whether through carrying a freshly hunted boar through the forest or riding a bicycle to work, exercise plays a huge role in a vast amount of areas. As man learned more about the body and how everything functioned, he uncovered how many factors play a role in health, including mental health. Doctors normally recommend daily exercise. However, there are other sides of the argument. One can become addicted to exercise. The addiction starts as a mental need but can eventually result in a physical dependence. The effects of this on the body are still unknown and being examined. Even less known are the effects it has on the brain: the center of human activity and intelligence. One would want to do everything in order to preserve and improve cognitive abilities. It seems survival of the fittest is now a matter of neurological and cognitive capacities rather than physical attributes as it once was. Therefore, the question must be asked what effect exercise, a major aspect of human life, has on the brain. Only in recent years have researchers learned a significant amount of information about the human brain. It is the most complex part of the body by far. The brain is made up of neurons that connect through a synapse. Electrical signals go from one neuron to the other eventually reaching the intended target, which may be an arm movement or a turn of the head. Along with electrical, it has

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