The Effect Of Integrating The Social Network Site Facebook And Peer Reviews From Class Instruction On English Writing

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(a) Problem Statement: The main objective of this study was to investigate the effect of integrating the social network site Facebook and peer reviews with in-class instruction on English writing. (b) Introduction: In recent years, the global social networking site Facebook is being used by millions around the world to connect, share, communicate, and socialize with each other in a virtual environment. Researchers speculate that students can utilize Facebook to enhance their learning through online social interaction. This way of communication can facilitate discussions and provide students an opportunity to apply their knowledge learned in class in a supportive environment. This research is conducted to explore the effect of a blended …show more content…

The researchers used both qualitative and quantitative approaches to the study. A pre- and post-test were given to the students at the beginning and end of the semester to evaluate any improvement in the students’ learning. The test consisted of an essay similarly to that of the NCEE and focused on five writing score criteria: content, organization, structure, vocabulary and spelling, and genre. The students were also given a 5-point Likert survey questionnaire to provide feedback of the new learning experience. The completed surveys were collected and analyzed by SPSS descriptive analysis. A content analysis was also conducted to analyze the students’ posts, comments, and assignments on Facebook. Also, an interview was conducted on six students, which consisted of three questions in order to gain feedback, perspective, and attitudes about the blended learning English writing class. Implementation of this study started with the administration of the pre-test on the 2nd week of the class. The first six weeks of the class was face-to-face learning in the classroom. After the 8th week, all students were then divided into their groups and were to complete the writing assignments and give feedback on Facebook for eight weeks. On week 17, the post-test is administered and the survey and interviews were conducted on week 18. (d) Results: The results of

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