The Effects Of A Body Image Exposure Session On Smoking

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Not a day goes by without us hearing about the dangers of smoking and the numerous effects that cigarettes can have on the human body. We have all see the thousands of television commercials urging people to quit smoking, including the infamous ‘Marlboro Man,” who died from cancer due to the cigarettes he once promoted for many years. Smoking is often used as a weight control strategy among female smokers. The pressures that women sometimes feel to look a certain way can be overwhelming and make women desperate to fit into society’s idea of what women “should” look like. There are many different “so called” benefits that come from smoking such as reduced anxiety, improved mood, and weight control. On the flip side, these benefits can easily be achieved through physical activity and proper stress management. In this paper, I will discuss the article, “Differential Effects of a Body Image Exposure Session on Smoking Urge Between Physically Active and Sedentary Female Smokers,” and the different variables of this study, such as sample sizes, population, and treatments. I will also discuss the inferential statistics used in the article and if the proper steps of hypothesis testing were followed. What the researchers were trying to actually determine, what specific concepts were applied in testing the hypothesis, what exactly the assumptions and limitations are of the study, and how the authors applied the statistical testing. Finally, I will discuss what the findings were
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