The Effects Of Being Vegetarian On Our Brain Essay

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Introduction In this paper I will discuss the effects of being vegetarian on our brain depending on the amount of vitamins and minerals we consume through this diet, and how it affects the way our brain functions. Being a vegetarian is a very powerful decision, because it takes into account your moral standards and beliefs. Putting your morals into your nutrition is very empowering, but it can affect our bodies in many different ways whether that being positive or negative. The negative side of the spectrum is that meat and animal products contain so many different vitamins and minerals that when we take this away it can cause deficiencies in the diet that can affect our bodies in very vast ways including our brain function.
The Negative Side of the Spectrum Vitamins and minerals are key to the proper function and development of our brain. Two of the most important nutrients contributing to our brains include vitamin B12 and the omega-3 fatty acid. Vitamin B12 is a key factor in the development of the brain, while omega-3 fatty acids contribute to better pregnancy outcome and reduced risk for brain disorders. Both of these nutrients are low in the vegetarian diet, which means deficiencies are very common among them. This also means vegetarians are at a higher risk for brain disorders or impairment. Our nutrient intake also directly correlates with our offspring. In a study it states that “the offspring from the vitamin B12 deficient group showed impaired cognition as they

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