Childhood Obesity Prevention

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Childhood Obesity Prevention Childhood obesity is a huge problem in our society, so here are two articles that researched one option to aid in the prevention of the epidemic: vegetarianism. The first article “Vegetarian Diets and Childhood Obesity Prevention” by Joan Sabate` and Michelle Wien from The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition May 2010 vol. 91 no. 5 1525S-1529S and the second article is “Vegetarian Children: Appropriate and Inappropriate Diets” by Cathy Jacobs, MS, RD,: and Johanna T Dwyer, DSc, RD also from the The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition September 1988 vol. 48 no. 3 811-818. The two articles address vegetarianism as an option for children and why or why not it is suitable as a solution for childhood obesity and the health benefits and risks of this particular diet. The articles both review the effects of a vegetarian diet on children and the outcome on children based on the different levels of vegetarianism: vegan or strict vegetarian (no animal products), lacto-ovo-vegetarian (includes milk and egg products; no meat), Lacto-vegetarian (milk and dairy products; no meat), pesco-vegetarian (consume fish and seafood; no pork, beef, or poultry), and semi-vegetarian (include meat products in very small amounts). Jacobs and Dwyer addresses vegetarianism/veganism from a nutritional stand point, basing their article on the risks and benefits of the diet dealing with children. Bringing to light the issue of malnutrition due to lack of certain
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