The Effects Of Breakfast On School And Energy Intake And Diet Quality Essay

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Richie Et Al. write for a specific population, the researches address people who are concerned about breakfast programs in schools. Schools across the country have adopted breakfast polices, recently however there has been concern about weight gain and excessive energy. The objective of this study was to compare students who don’t eat breakfast, eating breakfast at school or home only, and students eating breakfast at both home and school, also, the relationship of breakfast polices in school and energy intake and diet quality. The research is primarily analytical, Children were grouped based on different characteristics, after collecting data it was then analyzed using a variety of test to find the results. The research was experimental the researchers included a controlled school based intervention trial in California. The researchers proposed hypothesis was that eating two breakfasts-one at home and one at school increases the risk of excessive energy intake and weight gain. The independent variable in this experiment is Breakfast the researchers manipulated this variable, it is the one that is assumed to cause a change in the weight gain and energy intake in students. On the other hand, the dependent variable is the weight gain and energy intake, this is dependent on student’s breakfast intake. Cofounding variables in this experiment include Age, ethnic/race, and language spoken at home. Participants of this research included 3,944 fourth and fifth grade students from

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