The Effects Of Childhood Poverty On The Community And Society Essay

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This paper will be introducing and discussing child poverty. The focus will be on the ongoing problem of child poverty within developed countries and the negative consequence of child poverty including its impacts on economic and social chances for those in poverty. I will be seeking to determine the negative effects of childhood poverty on the individual, whether that be an immediate effect, a lasting long-term effect, or something that does not show up until later on in life. Secondly I will be searching to ascertain the changes in child poverty within developed countries as well as what policies are in practice to help reduce poverty. Finally, I will be looking to discover the effects of childhood poverty on the community and society in general.
Child poverty negatively impacts a youth both immediately and in the future. Child poverty is defined as “an environment that is damaging to their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual development” (UNICEF, 2004). This definition by UNICEF covers much of the damage that can be done to a youth both mental and physical due to the effects of poverty. For children who are forced to live in poverty there are damaging side effects such as; more frequent learning disabilities when compared to those who are not facing child poverty (Clarke, 2016). As well as language delays and anti-social behaviour (Clarke, 2016). Children who face child poverty are more likely to face instances of underachievement at least once and often

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