Child Development Developing Countries : Article Critique Essay

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Child Development in Developing Countries
Article Critique
Jimena Renteria
Liberty University

The article “Developmental Potential in The First 5 Years for Children in Developing Countries”, published in 2007 by several authors, is a research about the major risks of the children who live in developing countries. This article highlights the relevance of the children’s 5 first years of age, through the evaluation of different psychological and physical cases around the world to prove the impact of poverty in their development (Grantham-McGregor et al., 2007). In this essay the article the personal reflection and critical thinking of the writer will be exposed, supporting the following statements with scholarly sources.
Article Summary
The research question in this article would be, what are the factors that do not permit children to develop their potential in their first 5 years of age in developing countries? For instance, to bring a conclusion the researchers have applied the quantitative method to know a close estimate of how many children do not achieve or fulfill their developmental potential, in this case through surveys and longitudinal studies (Grantham-McGregor et al., 2007). According to the article, nutritional deficiencies or lack of education of the caretaker, are the causes of poor cognitive, motor, socioemotional development, which at the end result in poor school achievement. Children in developing countries are exposed to

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