The Effects Of Children Adopted From Dissimilar Hereditary Family

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Many families have no descendant of their own due to certain reasons and some desire to give some children a good opportunity. There are many families adopting different race children who have cross-culture living and in some cases problems are appearing which affects their progress from childhood to adolescence. Starting with the increase in ethnic adoption, there will discussed possible causes and effects of the issue. The article observed that children adopted from dissimilar hereditary family may have problems for instance social, culture and language that affect their lives because they are different from other children in society. Although the effect on children could be a critical event in their childhood, those problems can be taken care of by better fostering from adoptive families. Then we shall consider the reason why childhood of these kids is different from native children, before explaining the connection between ethnic adoption and problems that might happen when they grow up. Finally, this essay will summarise causes of this issue and consider some effects as to how these problems could happen in short and long terms.

In recent years, the adoption rate has gradually increased. According to The AFCARS (Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System), statistics reported that from September 2008 to 2012 number of children in foster care quietly decreased (The AFCARS, 2012), which showed many families adopting slightly increased every year. Including

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