The Effects Of Climate And Low Nutritional Status Of Australian Soils

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For more than a century, there has been a heated debate if humans, thru the usage of anthropogenic fire regimes and direct influence on the extinction of mega faunas, affected the overall environment in Australia. The scholars that are against these accusations argue that the change developed due to the effects of climate and low nutritional status of Australian soils. In addition, they also argue that the evidence provided by the scholars who think human affected environment are inconclusive and not convincing enough. One of the issues is interpreting the information that certain studies showcase. In many instances, it can say humans are to blame, but also that they aren’t to blame. However, based on the information presented in…show more content…
Therefore, we can conclude that there was an impact on ecosystem by humans. Correlative evidence can be found regarding rapid extinction in Queensland (Turney et al., 2008; Gillespie et al., 2012), where there was an abrupt decline in Spororomiella fungal spores- indicative of megahebrivores. Furthermore, since the arrival of humans in Australia, one of the main sources of obtaining food was hunting mega faunas, which substantially decreased their number and led to their extinction. Beside hunting, the humans picked fruits and other type of food that might have been the same source of eating for mega faunas, which additionally pressured them and made theme extinct. Also, the modification of the fire regime also affected them. To give an example, through the usage of OSL and uranium-series methord to date the megafaunal’s remain, the large flightless bird Genyornis newtoni is one of the many animals that extinct by the hand of human (Miller et al. (1999) and Johnson et al.(1999)). By the removal of megafaunas, it would improve opportunities for establishment of trees and shrubs (Bond and Keeley, 2005; Staver et al., 2009). On the other hand, scholars who are against this hypothesis argue that the process of extinction was underway for some time before the arrival of humans and that the climate change was crucial to the extermination of the mega faunas. There is a strong
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