The Effects Of Climate Change On The Environment

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Climate change has become a major issue in today’s society. Coming from the rise of Greenhouse Gas emissions and changing temperature caused human developments, world leaders and organisations are working on ways to combat the problem. This includes taking steps towards renewable energy and a cleaner future. Although, human activity is not the sole cause to the rising earth’s temperatures. Besides are use of greenhouse gases and fossil fuels, natural Influences including the current El Niño period and the natural carbon, nitrogen and water cycles impact our world. By predicting our outcome using technology, we can prevent major issues that would further affect the future of our planet.
Although climate change is greatly affected by human
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When a positive dipole is in effect, it is usually warm waters in the west and cool waters north of Australia, with drier conditions and weaker winds (BOM, 2014). A negative dipole is almost opposite, with warm waters in the north and cool waters in the north west of Australia, which brings normal rainfall (Linstead, 2012).
Cycles including the nitrogen, carbon and water cycle also have an effect on our climate and can be affected by both natural and human activity. The processes are all connected and work together to produced and recycle gases in their biosphere. The carbon cycle is defined by how natural and man-made organisms absorb and release CO2 and carbon gases (British Broadcasting Corporation [BBC], 2015). This cycle usually begins with the exertion of the gas via decaying organisms, animal waste and factory emissions, which are then released into the air. These are then absorbed through photosynthesis (Linstead, 2012). The nitrogen cycle can be split into several parts which all cycle through the lithosphere and atmosphere. The water cycle consists of the evaporation of water, to condensation in the clouds to the precipitation of water.
These three cycles can be linked by how human activity affects them. Due to the excessive amounts of CO2 produced by the use of fossils fuels, vegetation that uses photosynthesis is unable to absorb the right amount of the gases, leaving them to decay and creating more
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