The Effects Of Climate Change On The Environment

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Climate change has become a major issue in today’s society. Coming from the rise of Greenhouse Gas emissions and changing temperature caused human developments, world leaders and organisations are working on ways to combat the problem. This includes taking steps towards renewable energy and a cleaner future. Although, human activity is not the sole cause to the rising earth’s temperatures. Besides are use of greenhouse gases and fossil fuels, natural Influences including the current El Niño period and the natural carbon, nitrogen and water cycles impact our world. By predicting our outcome using technology, we can prevent major issues that would further affect the future of our planet.
Although climate change is greatly affected by human activity, natural influences also have a major impact on the environment. Australia is majorly affected by two weather cycles: the Southern Oscillation and Indian Dipole, with the southern oscillation is also easily spilt into two types: La Nina and El Nino. As stated earlier, Australia is currently in an El Nino period, which directly influences weather in northern Australian including the coast of New South Wales (Bureau of Meteorology [BOM], 2014). This sustained weather period occurs at random times and usually brings a hot and dry climate, and La Nina doing the opposite. El Nino occur when the water of the Pacific Ocean warms and air circulation reverses (FIG 1). On the other end, the Indian Dipole affects southern Australia depending…
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