The Effects Of Cognitive Ability On Social Media Use

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The recruitment of participants shall come from the University aged population, 18-26. This aged will be chosen because they are living in an environment with a prevalence of technological apparatuses, and they are more likely to be engaged in the pursuit of further education at a post-secondary institution. In light of this, we will seek to gain a representative sample of this population. With this is mind, we will seek to gain participants through traditional and contemporary advertising, this includes asking for participants through print media, through email, and by phone, the entire process being randomized. The intent is to acquire a random sample that represents the population, both in demographic/socioeconomic terms and in terms …show more content…

For example, participants shall be provided with a series of unrelated words, to review for a specific time period, and then asked to write down as many as they can remember. Tests like these have good test-retest reliability (Ma et al. 2017, 2). Also, it appears to measure working-memory.

Turning now to social media, social media shall be operationalized as a user-oriented platform, for the purpose of this experiment we will be going to focus on the aforementioned popular social media platforms, but including time spent on social media outside of this domain. Suffice it to say, that if it looks like social media, it probably is.

Finally, social media use will be determined by the random assignment of the participants to one of the three conditions. In order to provide accurate conditions, participants shall fist complete a questionnaire pertaining to their social media use, from this data we will take the average and make our manipulations from it. For example, if it is found that the average time spent on social media is two hours, we will have a low social media condition of one hour or less, and a high social media condition of three hours or more, the intent is to ensure our manipulations are realistic and large enough to determine if there is an effect. This questionnaire will be tested before the commencement of the study to ensure it has reliable test-retest reliability. Besides this,

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