The Effects Of Conafe On Educational Outcomes Of Children

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The Effect of CONAFE on Educational Outcomes of Children in Mexico

Introduction Education is seen as the gateway to economic well being, making the quality of the education provided a more important issue in need of attention in both developed and developing countries. Economic growth and poverty reduction cannot prevail without an educated and skilled workforce. In developing countries, one additional year of education adds approximately 10 percent to a person’s earnings (A Global Impact on Learning 2011). Thus it is imperative that developing countries invest in the education of its people so that its entire country can prosper. There is an abundance of literature on analyzing the effects of demand-side inputs on education and the …show more content…

The National Council for Educational Development (CONAFE) is a decentralized body of the Mexican federal government instituted by President Luis Echeverria Alvarez on September 11, 1971 (CONAFE, 2009). CONAFE aims to provide every Mexican with a basic education so that its society can gain the education and skills needed to promote economic growth. As demand-side polices continue to show the potential to increase human capital investment, it is of interest to policy makers to find out whether supply-side policies, which aim at increasing the quality of institutions and policies, are effective alongside large demand-side programs. According to the Secretary of Public Education (SEP) CONAFE currently serves 320,000 children who fall under high levels of marginalization. It was created in an effort to address Mexico’s homogenous and rigid educational structure that used to cater to its incredibly diverse population. Despite its good intentions CONAFE has failed to address the issue of providing quality schooling to Mexico’s most impoverished children. As enrollment rates rise in Mexico due to the efforts of Prospera, schools are finding it

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