The Effects Of Domestic Violence On Children

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In domestic violence is in many ways, and mainly it is a woman who is reporting it to the authorities. Seven out of ten domestic violence calls are women reporting a male. It is not only found in the case of a woman reporting a man, but a child reporting their mother or father. I am going to open the door a little more about it in the eyes of a man and a child. A woman could be the abuser in the household to the male or her own children. A child can have more than just physical abuse. in this case there is physical, mental, and verbal. We will cover all of these in the following statements. Working the phone at a police station, the operator will get a lot of domestic violence calls a day. On a percentile of seven to ten calls are woman calling to report a man, but the other three are a man reporting a woman or a child reporting one of their parents. There are some guys will go out and let their wife or girlfriend just beat them down and make them miserable, and won’t say anything because they love them so much and think if they do anything back they will lose the one they love. But it is not a big deal if a man reports a woman, it takes longer for the officer to respond whereas, a woman calls and they’re there in a flash! More so, a child will report one of their parents, and the parents could be yelling, fighting, or any kind of harm. If a child reports their parents for any kind of harm to the other or to themselves,. It can relate to physical, mental,

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